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Class Teachers: Heidi Barrett and Susan Campbell

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  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • RE
  • PSHE
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  • MFL - Spanish
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Autumn Timetable


Yearly Plan

Home learning Autumn 2021

Homework will be set on a Friday and handed back in on the following Wednesday.

There is a two week rota for learning to be completed at home - one week the focus will be on English and Maths; the following week home learning will cover other foundation subjects, e.g. Science, History, Art etc.

Every pupil is expected to read at home daily for at least 10 minutes.  We would encourage your child to read as many different genres as possible.  Please sign the reading records to indicate that this has been done each day.

All children in Year 5 and 6 are given a selection of words to learn and practise at home.  Please, encourage your child to practise these regularly.

We would strongly encourage every child to practise their times tables regularly (at least 3 or 4 times per week) using Times Tables Rock Stars.  There is a weekly tournament set up against our sister school (Albury) and every time you use TTRS, your score counts towards our school’s score!

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TT Rockstars


Highlights of the term



River Rib - Monday 11th October 2021

Oak joined Y5 & Y6 at Albury and investigated the plight of chalk streams in the UK with the help from the Friends of the Rib & Quin. Our COP26 representative Eleanor with Lexi from Puller took part in a chemistry test to check the phosphate levels on the river.  We found out the level of phosphate should ideally be 0.2 however the river Rib it was 1.52 which is more than 7 times higher that is should be. The class had the opportunity to explore the river and use nets to then identify what species are in the water, we found  mayflies, shrimps and olives. For more information of the important work that the Friends of the Rib & Quin, use link below.




COP26 - Monday 4th  and Tuesday 5th October 2021

This week Oak have been learning about COP26 and the impact humans are negatively having on our climate and what changes we can make. A big thanks for the Friends of the Rib & Quin who spoke to us about chalk rivers and the impact of where our water comes from. We are all very excited about going to the River Rib on Monday to learn more. We also met Ben Webster who works for British Red Cross (REAP) who will be attending COP26. He told us that due to climate change there will be more disasters that they will need to support, therefore they are advocating ways to prevent this happening. His leaving thoughts were the time to act is now and at COP26 they need to make concrete plans and support all countries impacted by climate change.


History - 30th September 2021

Oak are learning about life during World War 1 & 2. We have particularly been focusing on how children were impacted. Mrs Barrett’s ‘Grandad Maurice’ visited the class this week. His vivid recounts of being a young boy during the second world war, engaged the children and helped to bring the past to life.


Harvest Festival - Monday 20th September 2021

We saw the first of the planned worships in Church for this year. A lovely service with many parents joining us.  Oak spoke about the impact of poverty in the UK today and the  great work of the Food bank and Jedidiah Trust in supporting families facing difficult times.


Stormbreak - Wednesday 15th September 2021

We have started this term looking at  developing Hope and Optimism through Stormbreak. We are focussing on inspiring Oak to have a belief in themselves and to empower them to achieve their dreams. We need to know that it is ok to learn from our mistakes, to be out of our comfort zone and to be excited about the future. 


 History - Wednesday 8th September 2021

This term Oak class are learning about WW1 & WW2. We visited Arthur Martin-Leake's grave in the churchyard and have begun to think about how the local area was impacted by both Wars. The children will be researching the role their own families and friends may have played in the World Wars, as well as finding out more about children during war time, how technology was used and evolved during the Wars, and how Jewish people in Europe were affected. 


Science - Monday 6th September 2021

Oak have had a fantastic start back to school, in Science we were experimenting to learn about the differences in mixtures, investigating if the liquids were colloid, solution or suspension mixtures.