Albury & Puller Nursery & Primary Schools


Below are the details of our Governing body.    We have vacancies for two PCC governors.   We are currently trying to fill these positions.   If you are interested in becoming a school governor, please contact the school office for more information. 

You can find out more about becoming a school governor by clicking on the picture: 




 Please click on a governors photo to find out more about them. 


  • Victoria Clayden-Smith
    Chair of Governors - DBE
  • Gareth Ellis,
    Vice Chair of Governors - PCC,
  • Sarah McNie
    Clerk to the Governors
  • Diane Bell
    DBE Governor
  • Stuart Trow
    PCC Governor
  • Michelle Kirby
    PCC Governor
  • Nadine Grainger
    PCC Governor
  • Matt Slade
    PCC Governor
  • Jade Hendry
    Parent Governor - Albury
  • Maddy Farrell
    Parent Governor - Puller
  • Kerri Rust
    Local Authority Governor
  • Katie Dean
    Staff Governor
  • Reverend Dr Steve Bate
    Ex - Officio by nature of role
  • Sarah Stevens
    Ex - Officio by nature of role
  • Vacant Position
    PCC Governor




 Instrument of Government