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Friends of the School - Puller


The Friends of Puller Memorial would like to say a big Hello and welcome to all parents and children!

We are a small, hard-working group of parents who, through fundraising activities, aim to provide extra facilities and activities to enrich the existing objectives and direction of the school.

All our efforts are to raise money to benefit our children.

We have successfully set up and held events all through the year; some have raised significant sums of money and some which have raised only a little, but everything has been enjoyable for the children (and parents!). The school budget cannot cover everything, so the money that we raise, and the memories made from our events means a lot. So, thank you for all your support!


The Friends of Puller Memorial currently consists of:

  • Chair – Katrina Mair

  • Vice Chairs – Katie Allington and Maddy Farrell

  • Treasurer – Stacey Hubbard

  • Vice Treasurer - Sue Edwards
  • Secretary – Kerri Rust

  • Committee members – Nancy Tonkin, Charlotte Palmer and Katie Dean.


For 2021/22 – we hope to hold our AGM in person (finally!). More information to come on any changes to the roles...

We are always looking for new ideas and enthusiastic volunteers to join us. We meet on a monthly basis and anyone is welcome to come along.

Please email us if you can spare anytime (you don't have to attend all the meetings!), it's great to keep a list of parents who can be asked to support at events. 


What's been done so far?

The Friends have been busier than ever over the past few years. We have had...

  • Frost and Summer Fayres

  • School BBQ’s and campouts

  • Discos for the children

  • Quiz nights

  • Cakes, doughnut and ice cream sales

  • Competitions

  • Sponsored walks and triathlons – we walked three marathons between us all!

  • Raffles

We also have a monthly Lottery Bonus Ball scheme (with a chance to win £50!) as well as being a registered cause on Easy Fundraising. We really encourage parents and any family members to ‘like’ our cause and raise money for the school simply via online shopping.


To date we have contributed towards

New playground markings

Two interactive whiteboards

Early Years equipment and developing their play areas

Multi-media sound system

Year 5&6 end of year annual activities






How do we fundraise?

With school budgets getting more stretched every year, we are always thinking of new ways to raise funds for the school.  Our fundraising to date has come from a variety of sources:

  • Traditional school events, such as the Frost and Summer Fayres, and term time discos for the children

  • Raffles throughout the year, supported by local businesses via prize donations

  • Sales of fundraising products to families; ice creams, cakes, tea towels and branded shopping bags - some of which are designed by the children.

  • Cash donations and donations of equipment by community members and local businesses

Perhaps you could support us by adding to our Web icon account? Simply click on the link  to donate - thank you!  


What are we fundraising for?

We have a huge target to reach over the next few years! 

We are currently actively raising funds to go towards the school’s major refurbishment plans; the plan is to make significant improvements to the school buildings as well as extend the premises in parts across two stages.

Stage 1 - work on a new reception area, an extension to the school, work on the main school hall (replacement windows and fixing the bell tower which is leaning). We will also install new lights and solar panels at this stage!

Stage 2 - focusing on the rear of the premises; the link corridor will be removed and rebuilt as a proper building. More work will be completed to fix some drainage issues and more windows replaced! 

We have set up a Go Fund Me page to help collate contributions towards these vital works - please consider donating! We aim to add some photos of the plans and details of the works shortly. The Friends have pledged an initial £5,000 towards the works with the intention to give more later in the year. 

As well as this, we continue to provide funds to go towards class trips and events as well as supporting in-school events. 

What is planned?

Our events diary below outlines what we have planned:




 Sept/ Oct 2021


 Friends 2021/22 AGM

 Throughout Winter Term


 Bonus Ball draws each Saturday

 Friday 22nd October


 Doughnuts and hot chocolate sale 

 Friday 22nd October 

 19:30 -  21:30

 The Friends Quiz Night

 Friday 12th November

 All day

 Crazy Hair Day!

 Sat 20th Nov 2021


 The Puller Memorial Frost Fayre 

We publish and promote all events to the school page. Please check out and support/like it to receive notifications.

How can I help?

If you would like to get involved or can help in any way at all then please let us know! We love a chat and any new fundraising ideas… 

In person: Katrina, Maddy, Katie or Stacey we are normally always at school each day.

Email us:

Message us via the Puller Memorial Facebook

We meet monthly but if you can't make the meetings due to work or other commitments you can still get involved! Some parents just help at the events or do the essential jobs 'behind the scenes' such as producing posters, letters, preparing items for stalls etc, if they cannot be at the event itself. Any time you can give will always be appreciated so please let us know if you can help. 

If you are a local business who would like to get involved, from sponsorship to donating a raffle prize, then please do not hesitate to contact us via email above.