Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff


Head Teacher – Mr James Howard

As well as Head Teacher Mr Howard is responsible for Leadership, Assessment, Safe Guarding and Performance Management of Teachers, Bonita Parkins and Jackie Cairns and Alison Rookard.


Senior Leader  - Tracy Keddie

Supporting collaboration of Puller Memorial and Albury school


Designated Senior Person for Child protection: Mr Howard


Deputy Designated Senior Person for Child protection:  Mrs  Dean and Mrs Barrett


Designated Governor for Safeguarding: Mrs Nadine Grainger 


 Year 5/6 Teacher - Mrs Barrett


Mrs Barrett in the Class Teacher and she is supported by Mrs Phillips.


Years 3/4 Teacher - Miss S Pressman


Miss Pressman is the Class Teacher for Years 2 and 3. She is supported in class by Mrs Maddie Bradshaw.


Year 1/2 – Mr J Grace


Mr Grace is the Class Teacher for Year 1 and 2. He is supported in class by Miss S. Andreou and Mrs V Jennings.


Nursery and Reception – Mrs Dean


Mrs Dean is the Foundation Stage Leader, SENCo and Deputy Head. She teaches Nursery and Reception in the morning. and undertakes her numerous leadership roles in the afternoons. She is also responsible for ICT, Deputy DSP, publicity and promotion and performance management of Sarah Wilmot. She is supported in class by Ms Wilmot.


Year 3/4 and Foundation teacher - Mrs Lynda Anderson


Mrs Anderson works alongside Miss pressman in the mornings and in the foundation stage in the afternoons.


Educational Support Staff


Learning Support Assistant – Mrs A Rookard

Mrs Rookard works in a range of classes during the day. Mrs Rookard also works in the office. 


Learning Support Assistant – Mrs R Phillips

Mrs Phillips works with the Year 5/6 class.


Learning Support Assistant – Ms S Wilmot

Ms Wilmot works in the Foundation Stage Class and Year 1/2.


Learning Support Assistant - Ms S. Andreou

Miss Andreou supports in Foundation Stage and Year 1 and 2.


Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Key

Mrs Key supports across a range of classes during the week. 


Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Bradshaw

Mrs Bradshaw works in  Year 2/3. 




Ancillary Support Staff

School Secretary – Mrs B Parkins and Mrs A Rookard

Lunchtime Assistants – Ms S Wilmot, Miss Andreou, Mrs Burtenshaw, Mrs Key and Mrs Bradshaw.

Site supervisor – Mrs J Cairns

Site Manager - Mrs S Howard

School Cook - Carol Irons