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English Policy

 Please find our current English Policies here:

National Programme of Study

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English Writing Long Term Plan 

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English Reading at Albury and Puller 

 Reading is everything.  Without reading so many other areas of the curriculum and indeed life are closed for our pupils.  To this end reading is at the heart of all we do. Children begin by reading pictures.  They will do this in nursery and reception.  They will also benefit from adults to reding to them.  Don't forget to come along to one of our parent events to find out more about reading.  Our earliest readers will follow the phonics programme called read, write inc.  You can find out more about this on our dedicated RWI pages: Albury and Puller Memorial CofE (VA) Primary Schools - Reading, Spelling and Handwriting - Read, Write Inc ( 

But what happens after RWI? 

This is where it gets really exciting.  When first coming off the synthetic phonics programme pupils will work with their teachers in individual and group reading to develop their fluency and comprehension skills. They may still have banded books at this point.  Once ready they will journey onto our popular and engaging 100 books to read before year 4 and then 100 books to read before year 6.  these books have been carefully chosen by our team to ensure the children read a wide variety of books, explore classics and new texts, develop familiar and favourite texts and improtantly are challenged in their reading.  We may support them in developing these skills in their precision reading each day. Why not take a look at our books today and see which ones your children have read? 

Please never forget the joy of reading together as a family.  Even our year 6 children love story time and truly benefit from hearing adult readers. 

Reading spine and progression after RWI

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100 books to read before you finish year 4

year 3 4 100 books to read.pdf

100 books to read before you finish year 6

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