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New Resources

The resources on the class page will remain the same for children to carry on if they choose to.

There are links below to updated resources.

  • Read, Write, Inc is our phonics scheme and highly recommended. This has been updated for the Summer Term and has more lessons on now. 
  • The Oak National Academy are producing a lot of lessons in a wide range of subjects for all year groups. This resource is new and, having reviewed it, this looks like being an excellent resource. Children can stick to their recommended schedule or choose lessons by subject.
  • The BBC are producing comprehensive lesson plans - a timetable is included. This is also available on the red button and via iPlayer.
  • White Rose Maths is an excellent resource and one that we would recommend.
  • Sentence Stackers is another resource that we would recommend for KS2 writing.

Please check your class page for stories read by your teachers and the Home Learning Page for lessons by Cressy, Mrs Mackervoy and KAS

Read, Write, Inc

For parents of children who do Read, Write Inc, this is a very useful resource and if you are looking to create a learning schedule, this would be an important part of it.

The Ruth Miskin YouTube Channel have improved their live streaming of Read, Write Inc Lessons.

These short lessons are done every day in school and are quite complex to do correctly so the videos will help.

They are being presented by the RWI specialists and a really good resource.

There is a new timetable which we have included below.

Lessons are available for 24 hours on the YouTube channel:

They have also made important resources available including printable sheets and interactive slides for all groups.

They have also released ebooks for all colours - parents will need to sign up for a free account to access these.

Resources can be found here:

Speed Sounds Set 1 is for children reading Red, Green and Purple storybooks

Speed Sounds Set 2 is for children reading Pink, Orange and Yellow storybooks

Speed Sounds Set 3 is for children reading Blue and Grey storybooks

Times Tables

This is a very useful blog about how to help children lean times tables.

Oak National Academy

This is a brand new resource with video teaching and a comprehensive subject range.

BBC Bitesize

The BBC have created daily lessons which link with learning that the children have already done.

This link takes you to a page with a schedule and links to learning for each year group.

White Rose Maths

This link has excellent teaching videos for each year group. There is the option to print sheets but these can usually be completed in Home Learning Books. The learning is similar to that which the children receive at school.

Sentence Stackers Writing Lessons

Sentence Stackers Writing Work.docx

Carol Vorderman Maths

We would recommend this resource for maths if you are not using White Rose Maths. Parents need to sign up but it is completely online - no printing needed. There are daily videos and work is marked online with scores emailed to parents.

Listen to Famous People Reading Harry Potter

Science, Geography and D&T

Harry Potter

This needs parental sign up but may be especially good for those children in Chestnut at Puller who missed out on their trip - or any Harry Potter fans out there (Mrs Dean)

Music with Mylene Klass

Keep up your piano practice

3 months free guitar lessons


Click on the link below for more resources from this website


The expectation for children in Years 1 to 6 is to work to the timetable. Only parents are able to change this.

You do not need to print anything out. Where there is a table, storyboard or grid to use, draw it in your book.

An adult will be able to help you on the Purple Mash Blog between 10:00 - 10:30 and 12:30 - 13:00

In the afternoon, there is more choice from the website and Purple Mash.

You may not be able to finish the work in the time that has been set - you can always carry on tomorrow, but you should work for the allotted time shown in the timetable.

You should be able to complete the tasks without much help. The adults will be able to help you when they are online but this is very different to being in the classroom. We do not expect adults from home to be teaching you.

If the work is too difficult and you have tried your best, look at the tasks for the younger year groups - you may enjoy them more.

We expect you to be self-disciplined and do not expect your parents to contact the school to tell us that you are not working hard enough.

The exercise videos are very important - you must stay fit and healthy without regular PE lessons or playtimes to run around.

We understand that this is different for you, but believe in you and your determination to do your best.

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