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Our maths policy and the associated calculation policy for each key stage may be found in our policy folder. Simply click on the image below:

 Mathematics at Albury and Puller Core Information - Key Document

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EYFS Progression in Mathematics

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Maths at Albury and Puller Schools


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Long Term Plan

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Programme of Study

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 Calculation Policies

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TWOSday 22.02.2022

We celebrated TWOSday across both schools by completing various fun activities based on the number 2!  The date is noted for its palindromic pattern as it reads the same forwards as it does backwards, but also as it falls on a Tuesday!


Albury and Puller - Twosday

Years 1 - 6 investigated how many ways they could create the numbers 2 and 22. This shows ever more sophisticated methods as the children make progress in Maths!



Maths is Fun Morning!

On Friday 22nd October, parents were invited to come into school to take part in a Maths lesson.  The event at Albury and Puller was well attended and enjoyed by all.


Maths Week England

Albury and Puller Schools have taken part in Maths Week England 2021.

This week, we have celebrated Maths Week England. Here is a little snapshot of some of the activities that we have busy with…. 

Early Years - Albury

Children have enjoyed making ‘money boxes’ where they used a net of a cube to cut, decorate and then fold into a money box. Children were introduced to the concept of saving money, and enjoyed discussing what they would buy with their savings, suggestions ranged from ‘sweets’ to ‘a unicorn’!


We made ‘shape robots’ using different shapes. Children chose a head, body, and legs and then created their own robots. They used lots of mathematical language to describe and compare the size, shape and length of their robots


We looked at different pictures and discussed that Maths can be found all around us. We observed the picture together to share our different ideas about what Maths we can see and agreed that Maths is not always about right or wrong answers.

We looked for Maths inside and outside the classroom:


Cylinder                                   Sphere                                                                                            


Class 1 Year 1/2 Albury

Class 1 had a great Maths lesson this morning learning why triangles are important to structural engineers. We also looked at how different sized columns collapsed in different ways when weight was added to them.


Later in the week, the children were asked to represent their ages in as many different ways as possible.  Here they are showing the numbers 5,6 and 7 in lots of ways using concrete materials.



Class 2 Year 3/4 Albury
Class 2 claimed it was 'The best Maths ever!" this week as they celebrated Maths Week 2021.  They explored the Maths found in the Art of Escher and Mondrian and investigated the 'everlasting chocolate bar' and other puzzling shape problems.  Finally, they rounded off Maths Week competing in the Mathematics World Cup where they energetically followed instructions, solved problems and took part in a mindfulness wind down.



Class 3 Year 5/6 Albury

We began Maths Week by finding Fruity Totals, where the children were asked to find the value of each type of fruit.  This prompted plenty of discussion and disagreements where the pupils had to prove their solution and convince their classmates that they were right!


Pupils in Class 3 took part in the Mathematics World Cup. This was an exhilarating activity which combined Maths, movement and mindfulness. 


On the final day, the children were asked to make the number that represented their age and challenged to show a way that no-one else had used. They were then given the chance to play their usual Friday Maths games.



Beech Class - Y1/2 Puller

We looked at different pictures looking for the Maths in them. Then we did problem solving, colouring with only four colours. The same colour cannot be in adjoining sections.


We read Cuthbert the Croc who learnt to double numbers. Then we practised and recorded it in different ways.


Chestnut Class - Y3/4 Puller

A great challenge today. Who can use the fewest colours to complete a shape? No colours can touch, challenge extended to triangles for 2 more able. Based on image by Cath Moore and following discussion on “Where is the Maths in that?”


Great discussion and gave us chance to talk about: angles, patterns, problem solving, area and vocabulary like adjacent, parallel, symmetrical.


We also took part in the Mathematics World Cup. We had to practise using the times tables activities and then competed in some challenges against our classmates and other schools around the country. We were all very tired afterwards but had lots of fun!


Oak Class Y5/6 Puller

These children were able to show their creative talents in Maths today by designing these stunning tessellating patterns.



To support this initiative, Times Tables Rock Stars also ran a new tournament: England Rocks!

england rocks poster.pdf



Useful links

Times Tables

Have you ever wondered why we are always so keen for children to learn and know their times tables off by heart? Then, please take a look at the snapshot below, showing the areas where times tables are applied in the Primary Maths Curriculum.


We learn and practise times tables regularly at school and you can also reinforce this learning at home.  Times Tables Rock Stars is a great place to start but now you can also use Pinpoint Times Tables at home - just click on the logo below to follow the link. There are four options to choose from to suit your child's learning.


Bar models are one of the most important visual representations in Maths lessons.  Below is a handy guide to explain how they may be used.

 Links to online games and maths activities


Online manipulatives

Daily Maths Challenge

Maths Calendars

Daily Maths Challenges

 Times Tables Shifts

Online Maths games from Crickweb KS1

Online Maths games from Crickweb KS2

Mathsframe online games

Artful Maths Pinpoint Times Tables