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Ofsted Report - Albury

Please find below our most recent Ofsted report for our school.

'Albury C of E VA Primary School continues to be a good school.'

"Pupils and adults together make the school a welcoming place. Pupils play and learn harmoniously. They love spending time with one another, jumping from tyre to tyre in the playground, setting up a shop in the forest area or sitting chatting on a bench. The warm relationships between pupils and adults mean that pupils are safe, happy and know they always have an adult to turn to if they need help.

Pupils know that when play stops and work starts it is time to focus and do their best. Adults set high standards and pupils live up to these. Pupils take pride in their learning. They know right from wrong. The school’s values, such as friendship and respect, shine through in all that pupils do.

Pupils know everyone is an individual and it is okay to be yourself. They celebrate differences between themselves and others. Pupils develop a rich appreciation of different cultures, religions and beliefs. Visits to places of religious worship and museums broaden pupils’ horizons. Older pupils experience camping out in the school grounds and spend a week in the Isle of Wight. These opportunities help pupils develop greater independence and resilience by the time they leave the school at the end of Year 6

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