Albury & Puller Nursery & Primary Schools


At our schools we believe this subject is the most important part of the schools curriculum offer.  Here at Albury and Puller Primary schools we deliver a full personal, social, health education offer and as of September 2021 have ensured this includes the new statutory elements of relationship and health education.  The consultation for this happened in the Autumn 2020 and you may view further information on this here: 

Our schools Relationship and Health Education Policy may be viewed here: 

To ensure we meet all required elements of the PSHE curriculum and importantly all statutory elements we work closely with the provider of our curriculum to ensure our children can meet the end of year and Key Stage expectations you can find out more about this provider by clicking on the image below: 

Relationship and Health Education Statutory Document

relationships education relationships and sex education rse and health education 1 .pdf

 Subject Overview

rshe overview document.pdf


Progression Documents


 Program of Study

rhse program of study.pdf


Assessment is incorporated into the 1Decision program. Learning follows a series of topics and there are assessment opportunities to access both prior to and after each topic being taught.