Albury & Puller Nursery & Primary Schools

Attendance and Absence Requests

Attendance Matters

At Albury and Puller nursery and primary schools we believe that good school attendance gives children the opportunity of success and helps develop skills for life. We believe it is vital that all children attend school every day unless there is an unavoidable cause like illness.


  • Seriously hinder your child’s learning and their ability to do well and achieve their potential
  • Affect their confidence to attempt new learning and their ability to work and learn alongside others in general and as a result develop reluctance or indeed refuse to attend school
  • Disrupt your child’s routines and make them feel vulnerable on their return to school
  • Cause disruption to teaching routines (if teachers need to revisit previous learning) and as a result affect the learning of other children in your child’s class
  • Affect their ability to make and sustain friendship groups. Children who are regularly absent from school often feel excluded from play-time games and activities and feel they have little in common with their peers
  • Lead to your child becoming disillusioned with school and education as they get older
  • Lead to you, as the parent / carer, facing legal and financial consequences.  Please remember that you have a legal duty to ensure your child attends school on a regular basis 

If you are experiencing difficulty in getting your child to school on a daily basis it is important that you tell us.  We will always try to help.   

Please follow the link to view our Attendance Policy

Albury and Puller Memorial CofE (VA) Primary Schools - Policies (

If you need to request leave please read and then complete the below application form and return to the headteacher at least three weeks before the planned leave of absence. 

leave of absence form 1 .pdf