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Please see our most recent report following our enterprise challenge on behalf of Bishops Stortford food bank

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Attending COP26 in Glasgow 29.10.21

Holding the World in our Hands – the role of Children’s parliament at COP26 

Two children from Albury and Puller Nursery and Primary Schools Federation, Lexi and Eleanor have been selected along with 21 other children from the whole of the United Kingdom to represent the voice of the future at COP26.  Eleanor Brignall and Lexi Clayden-Smith, both aged 10, are passionate about looking after the environment and are delighted they have been selected to zoom in live to ministers at COP26 this October.  We are convinced the notion of hearing the voice of our future electorate has a deep, untapped value that will ignite discussion at COP26. 

The debate itself starts at 5 pm on Fri 29th October and all participants will be asked to log on by 4.45 pm. 

Some children will be selected to ask questions during the debate and others will be able to message their thoughts live during the event.  In this way everybody will have a voice and Eleanor and Lexi are both working hard with their classes to find out more about the environment and answer some key questions before the big event. To help them prepare here at Albury and Puller we have teamed with Ben Webster of the British Red Cross who heads up REAP: and Mark Wilkinson and David Edwards from the Friends of the River Rib, .  The children have received live lessons to consider the plight of local important eco systems such as the chalk rivers and also thinking about the impact of climate change on humanitarian issues. They will also be visiting rivers locally to see for themselves the impact of climate change.   Their big question for COP26 is yet to be formed as they will pose this following their on-site visit to the River Rib on 11.10.21 but will be something around, 'with 224 chalk rivers in the world and most of them in the UK how do we make sure that human expansion does not completely annihilate and pollute this valuable eco system?'

We are hoping that armed with this knowledge and input from worldwide specialists, Eleanor and Lexi will be able to join their voices to the remainder of the UK school's parliament when they speak with ministers at COP26 in expressing their wishes, hopes and feelings for the future.  They will also be able to deliver first-hand experience of climate change on their locality and question those in the know about what actions are going to be taken to ensure that the world they hold in their hands is protected.  

The children have answered all questions needed for the event and their individual question is: 

We come from Albury and Puller Memorial Schools, two rural schools in North East Hertfordshire.
Our county of Hertfordshire has some of the rarest river environments in the world - chalk streams, three of which are very near our schools, the Ash, Quin and Rib - and they are being damaged by abstraction and pollution and have been for a long time. 
When will something be done to reduce the abstraction of water from the aquifer that feeds our chalk streams and the pollution that enters them, particularly from sewage treatment works and run-off from fields and roads?
Breaking news 4.11.21 - the children's parliament broke a Guiness world record for the most children sitting within one schools parliament. 
Here is the final report from the event:

childrens parliament 2021 final report.pdf


Friends of the River Rib

The brilliant volunteers at the friends of the River Rib and Quin have been supporting schools parliament in preparing for attendance at COP26.  You can find out more about their very valuable work here: 

Here are some pictures from our recent visit to the River where the children had a science, history, geography, PSHE lesson and many more things all rolled into one.  Our COP26 volunteers even had a chemistry lesson on riverside to measure phosphates in the River. 

River Rib Visit



Junior Dragons and Bishops Stortford Food Bank

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 This year after the invite went out for Junior Dragons 4 children from Puller and 5 from Albury have taken up the challenge. 


The children have chosen to support the Bishops Stortford Food Bank an to focus their fundraising efforts to support this great charity.  You can find out more about them by clicking on the below link: 

On 13th October the Junior Dragons had their first meeting together and had the opportunity to visit the food bank, find out more about their work and even got involved in packing some boxes ready for delivery to those requiring support.  Want to take a look at what they got up to?  Take a look at this gallery: 

13th October Junior Dragon visit to Bishops Stortford Food Bank

 4.11.21 Update for Albury and Puller Dragons

The Junior dragons are very hard at work currently. You can see their latest press release here: 



Could you help with donations this week? Here is a message for you from your dragons...

'Hi, we are the junior dragons for Albury and Puller . This year we are organising a reverse advent calendar for the food bank. Can you add to our boxes?   Next week we would like…  Tinned fruit, Rice or sponge puddingJar of cooking sauce, Cereal bars, Tinned tomatoes 

We wonder which classroom will bring the most and if we can beat each other schools donations?' 

Puller children would also like to take this opportunity to formally invite you to afternoon tea on Wednesday 24th November 2021 at 3:30pm.  Perhaps you could donate a cake for us to sell or join us on the day?  All money raised will go to fund either food boxes or fuel vouchers for families in need this Christmas time. 

 Junior Dragon Albury Afternoon Tea

On Wednesday 17th November 2021 the Albury Junior Dragons kicked off the inter school tea party competition by hosting their afternoon tea at Albury.  They raised a whopping £189.95 and the school and local community loved the event.  We were also pleased to welcome governors from the school and directors from the food bank. 

Junior Dragon Puller Afternoon Tea

 The week following the Albury event the Puller Junior Dragons undertook their event and the event was very well attended.  An amazing £217.30 raised. Again we saw governors supporting the children's work and the directors from the food bank came along to see how they were getting on. 

Joint Junior dragon Frost Fair 

On Saturday 20th November 2021 the dragons turned out in full force to run a Christmas themed stall and host a brilliant 'pop it' game. A great turn out from the dragons and profit after stock accounted for £142. They even managed to get the vice chair of governors hooked on the game. 

Junior Dragon Frost fair


 6th December Reverse Advent Calendar 

A huge thank you to our school community from the Albury and Puller Junior dragons.

The Bishop's Stortford Food Bankfood bank trustees were overwhelmed with the amount of donations for the reverse advent calendar. We left two large vehicles at both schools with only room for the driver. Your help in this will really help many families in need this year. Thank you.

Well done to the dragons also for their commitment to this event and all other things they are running currently. They are truly loving our school values and showing everyone what it means to be a child at Albury and Puller schools.

6th December Junior Dragon Reverse Advent Calendar Collections


 Junior Dragon Final report for enterprise challenge 2021 -22

albury and puller junior dragons .pdf