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'Following the government's announcement Monday 22.2.21 we look forward to welcoming all children back to school on Monday 8 March 2021. Covid restrictions will remain in place, so please, only one adult dropping off / picking up, face masks for adults (unless exempt) and leave premises at start and end of day promptly. School will share final arrangements for reopening soon so please keep an eye out.'

March Daily Maths Calendar

Feedback from Parent Questionnaire

Week 1 (FARMS) - Zoom information 


Daily Good morning Zoom 9:30am Meeting ID: 992 7943 3082 

Maths Zoom (Wednesday, Friday) 1:30pm Meeting ID: 994 3058 9468

Phonics Zoom (Tuesday and Thursday) 1:30pm  Meeting ID: 994 3058 9468 

Friday Sharing Zoom 2:30pm Meeting ID: 974 8489 8016