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  Welcome to the new home for remote learning for Years 5 and 6 at Albury. 

15th January 2021

Remote Learning – Y5/6 – Albury

Dear Children and Parents of Class 3


It was really wonderful to see so many of you during our online lessons this week! 


Thank you so much, parents, for encouraging your child to participate.  I understand that there are many things going on in your houses with your other children and different activities so, if you can’t make it to an online lesson for whatever reason - please try not to put yourselves under further pressure. Just do what you can, when you can.


I would really like to see any photos of the children doing their learning.  Please email me any photos of art work, recipes, poems – anything really.  They may find themselves starring in next week’s newsletter!


Information regarding next week’s learning can be found by clicking on the PDF below: Remote Learning Activities wb 18.01.2021.


We are certainly getting into the swing of the Zoom distance learning sessions; the timings, meeting IDs and passcodes remain the same as last week (apart for Fresh Start sessions – see below).


If you experience technical difficulties and cannot log on at the right time, please contact Mrs Waight for assistance by phoning the school office on 01279 771 253.


For a reminder of the Zoom details, please see below:


Daily Registration and Maths Lessons


Year 6 Registration/Maths lesson 9.00am Meeting ID: 734 8132 8713


Year 5 Registration/Maths lesson 9.45am Meeting ID: 774 1267 9373.


For English, we will begin to work from the Talk For Writing booklet “Doors – the world of possibility”.  For this, the children will need to look at The Magic Box poem by Kit Wright.  A video of the poet reciting this can be found at BBC Bitesize.  This booklet contains enough tasks for two weeks so we will do one or two activities each day.



Mrs Mulvey has scheduled these sessions next week.  Fresh Start will continue to be every day at 11.15am apart from Wednesdays which will be at 2pm.                                                                     

Please use the new Meeting ID: 930 8449 6451 and our usual passcode.                                                         

If your child is taking part in these sessions, they may wish to do this rather than the English suggestions.


Music – Please log on to Charanga to see what your first lesson has in store.  You will do various activities including listening, appraising, composing and performing!



Times Tables Rock Stars - BREAKING NEWS! 

As well as practising your own times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars everyone in Albury and Puller schools has now been entered into a fabulous new inter-school competition!  Who will win by next Friday?  Will Albury be victorious?  Will Puller come out on top? Log on to Times Tables Rock Stars to battle for your school and become Top Of The Rocks!


Amazon Project - This week you might have found where in the world the Amazon Rainforest is in Lesson 1.  Next week, it’s all about learning about the layers of the Amazon Rainforest’s canopy and finding out which animals live there. Go on a  Virtual Field Trip to the rainforest; then use the power point to help you to label the four layers of the rainforest; cut out the animals and place them in the layer where you think they live and finally write a description about your favourite animal found in the rainforest canopy.   Find this lesson’s Powerpoint and PDF here.


Art - I wonder what Mrs Mackervoy has in store for us this week in the activity My House?  This can be found at by watching the My House video.  This week’s cooking could link with Art again and perhaps you could cook the recipe that is the favourite in your house.


PE - Don’t forget to log in for your online PE lesson with Mr Kitteridge on a Friday afternoon.


Year 5 - Friday 13.00-13.40

Meeting ID: 483 543 1487

Year 6 - Friday 14.00-14.40

Meeting ID: 483 543 1487


For Computing, we will continue to use 2Calculate. This week, we’ll have a go at Lesson 2 which is about drawing a line graph and reading information found at intermediate points.  You can choose to have a look at a PDF (which is a bit like a lesson plan but does include some screen shots that may be useful), the activity itself and a video that helps to explain.  There may also be some “2Dos” that need to be finished off – these cover both Maths and Computing tasks.


The Night Bus Hero - Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Hector at the moment and he is certainly getting up to no good.  I wonder whether things will change for him as we read chapters 9-13 of The Night Bus Hero?


laughPlease join us for a Zoom meeting which is scheduled towards the end of the day at 2.50pm.  This Catch-Up session is just for fun and gives the children chance to see and chat with their friends. Meeting ID: 783 8738 3834 and the passcode is our usual one! laugh

Sadly, one of the things we are unable to do right now is have our Collective Worship. However, that does not mean we cannot worship at home. I have posted some wonderful activities in order to be able to be reflective during these strange times. This week we are focusing on Compassion.


As I mentioned last week, I am easily contacted through my email address  Please do get in touch if I can help with anything at all.  Don’t forget, if there are any urgent queries, please email or ring Mrs Waight at school.


Keep up the good work Class 3, keep smiling and stay safe - all of you.

Kind regards


Pam Maskell

Deputy Headteacher


Albury C of E Primary School

Church End, Albury, Hertfordshire, SG11 2JQ

Tel: 01279 771253


"Encourage one another and build each other up"