Early Years

Autumn Term 2018

As an introduction to the first term we will be looking at 'Ourselves' and 'Our families'. Children have enjoyed sharing photographs and stories of their families and themselves as babies. It has been amazing to see how much we have changed! As part of this topic we are learning how to recognise our names and writing labels and captions for everyday objects we might use in our home. We had great fun making gingerbread men, women and children and decorating them to look like members of our families. 


Maths is all around us! We have been singing lots of songs such as '10 green apples' '5 speckled frogs' and '10 fat sausages' to develop our number skills. As well as singing songs we have been counting objects, matching numerals to amounts and noticing important numbers around the environment (for example our ages, birthdays or door number). Reception children have started to use mathematical language such as more, less and fewer. 

Information for parents: