Friends of Albury

Albury School has a hardworking Friends’ fundraising association which aims to raise money for the school and promote community events.  The Friends’ committee is mainly made up of incredibly supportive parents who meet on a relatively regular basis to plan forthcoming events.  The Friends are always looking for new ideas and enthusiastic volunteers to join them.   The Friends of Albury School is a registered charity.


Local links are encouraged to help the children’s sense of involvement in the surrounding community.  Throughout the year the school supports fundraising for local and national charities, raising money for those less fortunate.


The Friends of Albury Primary School Committee currently consists of:-

  • Chair - Emma Eldridge
  • Vice Chair - Natalie Slade
  • Treasurer - Weston Steimel
  • Secretary - Rachel Waight


Please check out and support/like our Facebook page


Our vision and plan for the future is to develop our Early Years area.   For this, of course, we are going to need to raise some money and we will relying on the amazing support of all our families and friends.  


Currently we have a great Early Years unit, which in January next year, will be further improved by the addition of an amazing garden room that the children will be able to use as extra classroom space for their learning.      We are then hoping to raise enough money to further enhance the area by improving the current outdoor space.  Ideally, we would like to be able to provide nature flooring to the area behind the school hall so the children can benefit from this space all year round.  We would like to provide a working/living wall around the oil tank.  Living walls are ideal features for small spaces, as they bring life to otherwise unused areas.  


Our aim is to provide an even better learning experience for our younger children, both indoors and outdoors. Providing a range of sensory experiences and access to open spaces in nature to improve their mental health and wellbeing.  


With our focus for future fundraising being clearly in mind, please have a look at the Fundraising Suggestions from the Friends of the school, giving some fantastic ideas, that actually cost absolutely nothing to support!