It is our belief at Albury that homework should:

  • Create experts in a subject that follows a child's and family's passion.

  • Reinforce work that has been already taught.

  • Be a positive experience for the child and family.

Below is the Powerpoint from a Presentation about Homework - 06.02.20

What are the Homework Expectations?

The children each receive an Activity Passport which has a list of suggested activities. Some of these activities are linked to topics covered in that term (for example map reading in geography or visiting a museum to learn about World War One) whilst other are experiential activities which will help the children to build their 'cultural capital'. The Activity Passports are not compulsory and give families an idea of what can be done.


The website also has a variety of suggested activities for different subjects. These are to enable children to become experts in an area that they (and you as a family) are interested in. Again, these are not compulsory but ideas to promote of love of learning in different areas.


The website also contains follow-up work that has been taught during the week. For example, there may be additional grammar activities to reinforce previous learning.


The aim of our homework is based on our school view that all children should be happy and by creating confident experts in areas of interest, this will promote confidence in the classroom.


All children are expected to read and to practise times tables every day. Reading records are checked daily by adults in the classroom.