Ofsted Reports

Please find below our most recent Local Education Authority and Ofsted reports, and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.

OFSTED July 2015


Quotes from our recent Ofsted Report.  


All children make good progress regardless of their starting points and some make outstanding progress (Ofsted 2015)

Good early years provision.  Children share, listen to each other and develop their friendships well. 

Children in early years settle easily, behave well and quickly become confident learners.  (Ofsted 2015)

Well organised and effective start into school life (Ofsted 2015)


Pupils demonstrate a love of learning (Ofsted 2014)

A purposeful environment where pupils can thrive and learn well. (Ofsted 15)

A constant focus on improving the quality of teaching and providing opportunities so that every pupil can succeed (Ofsted 15)


Pupils are happy and behave well.  They have a positive attitude to learning and value their place within the local community. (Ofsted 2015)


Teaching is good.

Teachers and support is good and all staff have high and appropriate expectations of what individual pupils can achieve.


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School Inspection Report 2015