Proposed Federation - Consultation

The Governors of Albury Church of England (VA) Primary School and Puller Memorial Church of England (VA) Primary School have been looking at ways of working more closely together to make the best educational provision for children in our local community.


Both Governing Boards have agreed to consult with parents, carers, staff, the local communities, the Diocesan Board of Education and the Local Authority on a proposal to federate the two schools.  Over the past couple of years, the Governors of both schools have been exploring the idea of federating both schools and have developed this document to explain what federation is and what it might look like in practical terms. We have highlighted some of the significant issues to assist parents, members of staff and other interested parties.


This is your opportunity to let us know your views about this proposal. This document contains:

• An outline of the proposal

• Information about how you can give your views

• Frequently Asked Questions


The consultation process has been designed to help us find out what you think about the proposal. We would like to hear your views so that the Governing Boards of both schools can make an informed decision whether to federate or not.

Please respond (if you wish to do so) by 12 noon on Monday 14th December 2020