Return to School Information

More information on returning to school can be found here: 

Drop off arrangements:

We shall ask you to drop off at a certain time based on your surname. Chestnut and Oak Children can be dropped at the main front gate and make their own way to the classrooms. Beech children should be dropped off at the gate to the classroom courtyard. Willow children should be dropped at the EYFS garden gate.


A-G 8:40

H-N 8:50

O-Z 9:00


This will ease congestion in the car park and ensure distance measures can be maintained. (This of course will continue to be reviewed in line with government guidance)


Pick up arrangements:

We shall ask you to pick up at a certain time based on your surname. The children can be picked up from the same place they are dropped off.


A-G 3.00

H-N 3.10

O-Z 3.20


Please do not linger at the school gates, please do keep appropriate social distance measures. Please do be on time. We need to ensure your child is in class and to ensure we minimise external contact into the school. Please ensure only one adult is dropping off and picking up to minimise number of adults.