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End of term splashing summer fun!

This morning we all had a session with Wild Science! Dion brought lots of animals to show us. They were a Chilean Rose tarantula, an Asian forest Scorpion, a Madagascan giant millipede, a Royal Python, a Crested Gecko and an African Pygmy hedgehog. The only one we couldn't touch was the scorpion. It was so interesting and really fun! 


Thank you to Mrs Barrett for organising!


Some of our finished products from Science Day!

Science Day - Recycling in Action!

Fireman Visit

World Book Day 2016

Year 5 and 6 have been researching different blogs and are now creating their own. Please take some time to enjoy their pages. (As a class we will evaluate each others blog to help improve content and grammar).

Week two of blogging!

Week 3 of our blogging, enjoy!