School Development

The School Development Plans are key documents that state the school’s priorities for the coming year, in the medium term and our long term aims. They are ‘working documents’ and will change and be updated as the year progresses. The school uses the plans to identify areas to target; the strategies that could be used to meet the goals; the cost and how we will know whether the targets have been met. They also include medium and long term aims which are more of a wishlist and usually dependant on a number of factors with funding being a main one.


The school plans are written by all teaching staff together and have been shared with school governors. Teachers meet weekly to see what has been done and what we need to do next. All subjects and key areas have a development plan and teachers are in charge of different areas within each subject, so we don’t have subject leaders as such, but teachers work towards meeting the targets together. This means that teachers have an overview and impact on all areas of teaching and learning. It is very much a shared document in which items can be added and altered depending on what has happened or what will happen in the future. The plans by no means include everything that goes on in school (if something is not there it doesn’t mean that we are not doing it!) but do make clear our current priorities.


If you have any questions about the plans please make an appointment with the office and we will be happy to answer them.