PE Kit information

To create a sense of unity we have an emerald green school sweatshirt, a cardigan and a polo shirt with our emblem on it.  The sweatshirt is worn with navy or grey trousers or skirt, with a green polo shirt, white shirt or blouse. For summer, boys may wear our polo shirt with navy or grey shorts, and girls may wear green check or striped summer dresses. We also have a green cap, for use especially in summer and on visits and trips for easy identification. There is also a school backpack.


The uniform can be purchased at Kid Connection in Hertford (14 Market Place, Hertford, SG14 1DQ).  Orders can be made on-line at www.kidsconnection.co.uk or by phoning 01992 587 466.


(Although below uniform is separated into a boys and girls option we recognise the right to personal choice and so if a person choose to wear uniform from either selection this is accepted at our school).

School Uniform