Week beginning 25.01.2021

Yr 6 Monday

Unit 8 Starter and Lesson 1
Percentage of... (1)

Yr 5 Monday

Unit 7 Lesson 11 recap
Problem Solving - Division wirh remainders

Y6 Tuesday 1

The start of the lesson before I pressed the wrong button

Y6 Tuesday 2

The rest of the lesson after I had pressed the right button!

Y6 Wednesday

Unit 8 Lesson 3
Percentages of... (3)

Y5 Wednesday

Unit 8 Lesson 1
Equivalent Fractions

Y6 Thursday

Unit 8 Lesson 4
Finfing percentage of...(4)

Y5 Thursday

Equivalent Fractions consolidation lesson

Y6 Friday

Unit 8 Lesson 5
Finding missing values

Yr5 Friday

Unit 8 Lesson 2
Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers